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Imagine an assistant that completes all of your paperwork with no fuss, a system so simple to use that your employees actually want to use it!

ProPal is a paperless management system specifically designed for kitchens and for managing food safety obligations, however has expanded to be customised to use in any of your departments. ProPal is a powerful tool to ensure that you are proactively managing your obligations as a licensee and a business owner to mitigate your risks. 

  • Complete paperless reports, audits and checklists that can be changed, uploaded and viewed on the iPad.

  • View at a glance whether the daily reports are being completed and notify your key players with a click of a button. 

  • Check quality, quantity, damage etc. of stock received and record with pictures as evidence.

  • Add and track incidents and upload supporting documentation such as pictures, video, CCTV directly via ProPal. Employees can be linked and management are automatically notified.

  • Use ProPal checklists to ensure all jobs are completed. Every time an employee completes a task it is time and date stamped and linked to their profile.