About Professional Hospitality

Professional Hospitality was founded just over 10 years ago by Michael Wagstaff and Emily Griffiths who have been involved in the Hospitality Industry for more than 20 years.  During this time they discovered that the hospitality industry needed support - support for managers and owners to ensure they are proactively managing their obligations to mitigate their risks and support for their employees to ensure that they are aware of their employers expectations, policies and procedures from the outset. 

 The Professional Hospitality system was originally a paper based process but quickly evolved into its current cloud based system for ease of use and functionality. Starting with just the induction process, it now is an all-in-one management portal that incorporates the onboarding, induction, orientation and management of staff combined with compliance training and administration in relevant legislation including liquor and gaming and food safety.

The business is a member of the QHA and partners with several industry specific businesses that provide even further support to our venues.

Our partners, our highly qualified and knowledgeable team, members and external third party organisations ensure our Management Portal and offerings continually develop with the changing needs of our clients.

 Now utilised by over 200 clients throughout Australia, the Professional Hospitality system is ever evolving as we continue to offer businesses a powerful one stop shop for compliance and business management.