AUSTRAC Annual Compliance Report


The AUSTRAC Annual Compliance Reports are now open for completion and must be lodged by 31st March 2019.

The report asks questions about how you have met your AML/CTF obligations over the 2018 calendar year and these answers are used to assess your AML/CTF compliance. It is also used to identify where additional guidance and support is needed to help businesses meet their AML/CTF obligations. For further information, visit AUSTRAC website.

Professional Hospitality have developed an AML/CTF short course to deliver Risk Awareness Training to all relevant employees . The course is available for a minimal set up and monthly fee. At the click of a button you can confirm with AUSTRAC your obligation to ongoing employee due diligence.

Complete the form below to request that this course is added to your venue portal or for any queries, please contact one of the PH team on 3160 8132.

Anna East