Reduce your operating costs with Dynamic Surcharging!


Have you considered removing the merchant fee operating costs from your business through surcharging? With Tyro’s dynamic surcharging, you can add credit card surcharge to customer transactions with confidence. It automatically calculates your configured surcharge so you can choose to recoup your EFTPOS fees easily.

The recommended rate is automatically calculated so you always know what to add, saving you time.

Setting up is easy;

·         Enable through the Tyro portal

·         Get surcharging right

·         Review up to date rates

·         Clear surcharging signage

Contact MPS today to review your current merchant provider. As your payment consultant, Merchant Payments Systems will ensure your payment environment meets the demands of your business and can tailor a solution to suit your business, whether it be complete integration, the need for contactless or mobile EFTPOS, online payments or gift and loyalty programs.

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Anna East