Howard Smith Wharves partners with Oztank


In a busy kitchen, we’re always looking for reliable and beneficial shortcuts to help minimise the time spent cleaning so that we can focus on more important things.  Oztank is the obvious choice for cleaning difficult to remove baked-on carbon on kitchen equipment, a safe, time saving and cost-effective way to break down carbon. 

oztank ben.png

David Bond, Kitchen Manager at Howard Smith Wharves, said, "It only made sense to implement Oztank's environmentally friendly tanks to assist staff in keeping our equipment and utensils in the best condition possible. We have three tanks onsite being used by multiple outlets and departments and we couldn’t be happier with the ease and time saving these tanks provide.  I have no issues in recommending Oztank as an environmentally friendly, cost and time-saving product."

Howard Smith Wharves aims to implement initiatives in line with their ethos to produce an environmentally sustainable site with minimal waste.  They use eWater for sanitising and compost all food waste on site, they also crush and recycle glass, bail cardboard & metal tins for recycling, separate P.E.T and all plastics and ensure their green waste is recycled into a usable product.

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Anna East