New Energy Pricing - Is your business on the best contract?


Are you aware that energy prices changed as of July 1 2019? How do you really know your business is on the best energy contract?

New energy price caps called the Default Market Offer (DMO) automatically reduced electricity rates for some small and medium business from July 1 2019.

 The DMO affects energy customers in New South Wales, South East Queensland and South Australia. A similar price cap scheme for energy customers in Victoria known as the Victorian Default Offer (VDO) also took effect from July 1.

Until now, electricity retailers have dumped customers who didn’t sign up to discount power contracts onto “standing offers” – or the dearest price available.

 Energy retailers now need to change customers on these standing offers to the new default pricing. But, is it really that cheap?

 Regardless of which energy contract type you are on, Professional Hospitality and its partner Make it Cheaper recommend making contact today and we can help you find a competitive market offer from our panel of retailers by looking at your recent usage profile. You’ll just need a recent bill and it takes one phone call for us to compare and switch you to a better deal.

 Make It Cheaper can provide a free comparison for both electricity and gas.

 Click Here  to upload to a bill, or call 02 8880 1488, and find out what you can save!

Anna East