Frylow: Guaranteed Oil Reduction Review

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Ben Wrigley, the Executive Chef at the Plough Inn Tavern is always looking for ways to improve kitchen efficiencies and of course to reduce costs. When he was given the opportunity to use Frylow, Ben first felt skeptical of the claims that it could increase the lifespan of oil by up to 400% and that it would drastically reduce his oil costs, however he agreed to trial the device.

It was almost instantly that Ben realised how fantastic Frylow is and has been amazed at the results. Ben says, “The Frylow system has halved my oil costs and improved the longevity of my oil”. Together with the financial savings, it has also proven extremely easy to use and to clean saving his team time and energy to spend on more important kitchen tasks.

Using the Frylow system has not only saved Ben and his team time and money, it has improved the flavour profile of the food being served with customers even commenting that their food is lighter and crispier!

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Understanding Frylow - the world's most advanced deep frying technology.

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