"Oztank are proud to be partnered with the Professional Hospitality Partnership program. 

Oztank is the number one choice for cleaning difficult to remove baked-on carbon on all commercial kitchen equipment. The secret is in the combination between the non-caustic, HACP Approved chemical, and the soak tank.

Carbsolve is a safe and cost effective way to break down carbon, dramatically reducing the time and cost of cleaning commercial cooking equipment, and it is only available through Oztank.

Baked-on carbon is a difficult reality in commercial kitchens. Stove tops, chargrills, oven racks, bain-marie's, pots, pans and hood filters all suffer from hard to remove carbon resulting from the cooking process. These items are then the subject of scraping and scrubbing typically using metal scrapers and wire brushes. This method both reduces the life expectancy of the item being cleaned and is also costly in labour, water and chemical use. The chemicals typically used in this method of cleaning are also often highly caustic and toxic, resulting in the risk of chemical burns and an elevated level of toxicity in the kitchen and the surrounding environment.

Oztank and Carbsolve are the answer to these problems being faced by all commercial kitchens every day. Each Oztank is filled with a carbsolve and water solution, which is non-caustic, non-toxic, heated and ready to use. Items to be cleaned are simply soaked after service or when not in use. This breaks down the carbon deposits making the item easy to clean and maintain.

Oztank is a must for any kitchen. Your staff are protected from harsh chemicals, your equipment effectively cleaned and maintained in top condition and your time and costs of cleaning are reduced dramatically. It is not a matter of if an Oztank is right for your venue, it is a matter of what size your venue requires. 

Oztank has fully insulated, thermostatically controlled tanks of all sizes and descriptions available to suit your needs, starting at the Mini and going right up to custom built tanks for specialised applications. All tanks are made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel, and they are the only soak tank system in Australia certified to Australian Standards. 

Talk to us today to see what suits your venue and start saving time and money."